Air Filtration System Services in St. Louis, MO: Air Filtration System Installation, Replacement & Repair Services

Residential & Commercial Heating Services We Provide

Lolich Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration performs commercial and residential air filtration repairs, maintenance, and installations in the St. Louis area. Our St. Louis technicians offer air filtration services for a number of health and operational benefits, including better air quality to increased machinery efficiency. So, it’s important to keep your air filtration system running at peak performance. If you don’t have an air filtration system or are looking for a new one, our trained technicians offer installation and replacement for a wide range of air filtration systems in St. Louis.
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Trusted Air Filter Repair in St. Louis

If you’ve noticed decreased air filtration performance, or if you experience a sudden loss of functionality, our air filter technicians offer routine and emergency repair services. Operating on a subpar filter can neutralize your system’s usefulness, so don’t hesitate to contact us for air filter repairs in St. Louis. We pride ourselves on supplying high-quality air filter repairs at affordable rates. Our five-year labor warranty and 10-year parts warranty cover any repairs that our air filter technicians perform.


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Reliable Air Filter Maintenance and Service in St. Louis

If your St. Louis home or business’s air filter needs upkeep, and we can offer complete air filter services and maintenance to your system. Preventative and routine maintenance helps extend the life of your filter and improves its performance and efficiency. Our air filter technicians will perform a wide range of air filter services and maintenance. They will clean your filters, inspect frames and ducts, and ensure no debris is hampering airflow from your coils and blowers. Trust us with all your air filter services and maintenance needs.

St. Louis Air Filtration Replacement and Installation

If you don’t have an air filter yet or are looking to have one replaced, our technicians are experts in air filtration installation. Our air filtration technicians are highly trained experts in air filtration installation and replacement. They stay up to date on the latest filter equipment and trends, so they are always able to offer recommendations and multiple filtration system options within your budget. If we are performing an air filtration replacement in St. Louis, we can properly dispose of your discarded system for you.

Industrial factory air filtration system. Tubes, tank and chimney.

Commercial Air Filtration Services in St. Louis

We are prepared to offer air filter maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement to both residential and commercial filtration systems. Our highly trained air filter technicians in St. Louis understand what it takes to meet or exceed codes and specifications for each type of location, so you can rest easy knowing your St. Louis home or business’s air filtration is well cared for. Call today for a free estimate or to speak with one of our air filtration technicians about your home or business needs.

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