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Air Conditioning in St. Louis, MO

Staying cool in the summer is a top priority in the Midwest, and St. Louis, MO is no exception. Without the appropriate cooling system, your home or business cannot be kept comfortable efficiently. Relying on window units to take on the job for an entire home or office space is impractical. You need to trust professional HVAC technicians to install your system, whether it’s a packaged HVAC unit or heat pump for your home, or rooftop unit for your company.

If you already have an air conditioning system installed in your home or business, you’ll want to make sure it keeps functioning at peak efficiency. That requires staying up-to-date on your air conditioner maintenance appointments and having recommended repairs done in a timely manner. Lolich Heating and Cooling LLC has all the air conditioning services you may need. Our team ensures that the customer is our number one priority. We will listen to your needs and offer you the best quality at a competitive rate.

Your Air Conditioning Options in St. Louis, MO

There are a wide range of models and sizes available when it comes to your home or business air conditioning options. Be sure to seek out licensed, EPA–certified HVAC technicians to ensure you are getting the right size and type for your home or business. Only a professional technician will be able to match your property with an AC system that will provide you with optimal comfort while limiting your energy waste. Contact Lolich Heating and Cooling LLC ASAP to learn more about the air conditioners we have available.

  • Packaged HVAC Units: These all–in–one heating and cooling systems maximize the efficiency of two machines in one sleek unit.
  • Rooftop Units: Regulates and circulates air as part of a HVAC system designed in a way to save space and increase efficiency.
  • Heat Pumps: A two–in–one appliance that can serve as both a heater and air conditioner.
  • Central Air Units: Includes an outdoor cabinet containing a condenser coil and compressor, with an indoor evaporator coil, to provide cooling throughout the entire property.

AC Repair vs. Replacement

Whether you have a packaged HVAC system for your home or a rooftop air conditioner for your business, your system will need repairs at one time or another. If your air conditioner is well maintained and you are keeping up on smaller repairs, your chances of facing emergency repairs will be less likely, and your system may last longer overall. Repairs make sense until you are having them done too often with an aging system. Trust our licensed technicians to perform the necessary repairs for your residential or commercial air conditioner in St. Louis, MO. We’ll recommend replacement when necessary.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

When it comes to cooling your home, or your office space, maintenance is vital to ensure a properly functioning air conditioning system. Heat pump, central air conditioner, or rooftop unit—these all require inspection and service from a specially trained, EPA certified technician who can get in and locate any smaller issues before they become big problems. Regular air conditioning maintenance will prevent cooling system malfunctions and reduce the chance of a premature system breakdown. We can help you avoid emergency calls when you need your HVAC system the most.